Dear Member,

In our ongoing attempt to expand and protect the Isagenix® opportunity with no-compromise, responsible business practices, the following update will take effect in all markets from 11 May 2019.

Changes to Autoship Order Setup

Currently, new Members can set up a recurring Autoship order by selecting a charitable donation as their only item. From 11 May, Members will receive an error message instructing them to select a commissionable product in order to continue setting up their Autoship order.

The Autoship program is a convenient way to allow our Members to create and schedule a customised, recurring product order which is shipped when they want it. It is the best way for Members to receive maximum savings on packs and systems and to take advantage of incentives and promotions. In order to receive those benefits, Members must place their Autoship recurring orders with a commissionable product. Selecting a charitable donation will still be an option for Autoship orders and customers can still support global giving by adding a one-time donation to Make-A-Wish® to any Wholesale or Retail order.

Adjusting Your Autoship Order

Orders can be adjusted easily in your Back Office or cancelled at any time by contacting Customer Care. Cancelling an Autoship order does not affect your Isagenix Membership. Products can be ordered at Preferred Member wholesale price as needed.

This change ensures Autoship is the best way for our Members to receive maximum savings on all our packs and systems.

At Isagenix, we remain committed to never compromising on the integrity of our products or our business opportunity. Thank you for your understanding and support as we implement this important and necessary change.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Customer Care at +03 2243 1834.

Sincerely, Yours sincerely,
The Isagenix Sales and Marketing Team The Isagenix Sales and Marketing Team