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Tips for Doing Business in South Korea

This October, we’re officially opening for business in South Korea! The excitement around this market launch has been incredible—South Korea has one of the top 15 economies in the world and is ranked in the top 3 for direct selling. The opportunity is immense, and we know you can’t wait to expand your business there.

While we continue preparations for our October launch, let’s take this opportunity to go over a few things that will help you hit the ground running when the big day arrives.

Learn about the market. If you haven’t already, we recommend you take a few minutes and read our South Korean Leadership Packet  (available only in English). It’s packed full of great information about the market and its consumers that will help you get a feel for doing business there. It also contains details on exciting promotions and a high-level overview of the Korean Compensation Plan. Finally, it contains cultural insights to ensure you can easily establish a connection with those who may be interested in getting started with Isagenix.

Know the differences. Each time we launch into a new market, we make sure to tailor the business and products to suit the needs of the consumers there. Whether it is a difference in product offerings or a difference in the programs we offer, keep in mind that Isagenix may operate a bit differently than it does in your current market. One key difference is with our Compensation Plan and the types of bonuses available to the Korean associates. To understand these differences, please review our Cross-Market Compensation Plan Guide (ENG, BMCHI) .

Start building excitement! If you already have family, friends, or acquaintances in South Korea, now is the time to begin reaching out to them to share your experiences with the products and the business opportunity! Just keep in mind that Korea differs from other markets, so it’s important that we’re compliant with regulations. We can’t do business in Korea yet, which means that recruiting and product sales, including shipping products from other markets, are off the table until we officially launch.

This is an incredible opportunity, and we couldn’t be more excited! For all of the latest South Korea updates, please visit IsaFYI.com/international.

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Opportunity Awaits in South Korea!






This Fall, Isagenix is heading to South Korea! As one of the top 15 economies and top 3 direct selling markets in the world, South Korea presents an exciting opportunity as we look to continue impacting world health and becoming the largest health and wellness company in the world .

The South Korean market will be headquartered in Seoul and led by Steve Kim, who recently came on board as South Korea General Manager. Steve’s vast experience in the direct selling industry will be a tremendous asset to us as we enter this exciting market. Steve served as vice president of Asia  for a top direct selling company where he led that company’s successful launch in South Korea, beginning in 2012. Under his leadership, the company achieved over $400 million in cumulative sales in its first five years of operation and has been recognized among the top 10 direct selling companies in Korea for the past three years.

There are still quite a few steps left for us to complete before we can fully launch in South Korea, and as we move closer to the launch, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. For now, please be aware that the laws and regulations in South Korea are a bit different from our existing markets, and any violations of those laws and regulations could unnecessarily jeopardize our ability to open for business. So , it’s important to keep in mind the following when you are sharing that Isagenix is coming to South Korea:

  • Only share marketing materials created specifically for the South Korean market.
  • Do not sell or distribute products in the market prior to the official launch.
  • Country changes are strictly prohibited, so please do not enroll anyone through existing markets.
  • Some bonuses and promotions will differ from the existing markets and it is important that you only share the South Korean compensation plan and bonuses in this market to avoid confusion.

We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity!






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