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Leadership Pool Earner for March 2018

Please help me to congratulate Azizuddin & Nurhayati for being Leadership Pool earner in March.

How to participate in the Leadership Pool?

All paid-as Director or above are eligible to participate in the Leadership Bonus Pool. Check out here for more details.

“Before the reward, there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy.” ~Ralph Ransom


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GREAT NEWS! Leadership Pool has been reset!

17-5506-leadershippool-sm-051617Have you earned a share in the Leadership Pool before?

GREAT NEWS! You may now requalify to earn the Leadership Bonus Pool again! From 22 May 2017 through 20 August 2017, we will be awarding up to US$20,000 each month to business builders who grow their business and help transform more lives with Isagenix. The more you grow and support your team, the more shares you can earn. The more shares you earn, the bigger your bonus check will be! Here’s how it works:

  • Be Paid-As Director or above for a minimum of one week during the month.*
  • Be an Associate in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan or Indonesia.
  • Enroll at least one new Member during the month.
  • Have a minimum of one personally enrolled Member rank advance during the month.
  • Increase monthly cycle growth by two or more over your 13-week benchmark.**

Ready to re-qualify for the Leadership Pool? Start growing your team and increasing your cycles today!

*Must be paid-as Director for all seven days of the commission week to participate in the Director’s portion of the pool. Must be paid as Executive for all seven days of the commission week to participate in the Executive’s portion of the pool.  Must be enrollments with unique payment and contact information to qualify. All payments are subject to compliance checks.

** An Associate’s benchmark average is calculated as the average number of paid cycles over a 13-week period prior to the calendar month in which the points were earned. A minimum of two points in growth is required.

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Leadership Bonus Pool: The Power of Teamwork

16-6020ASIA-LeadershipPool-R4-102516 (1)There’s an old saying about teamwork: “It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies.” And when it comes to success in the Leadership Bonus Pool, there is definitely strength in the unity of your team.

Hopefully you have been successful in growing your business and helping new Associates get started. Now it’s time to leverage the power of your team to lay a strong foundation for your business. In the process, you can earn points in the Leadership Bonus Pool when your team members rank advance and when you increase your cycle levels.

Tips for Building Team Unity

  • Help your team members set individual goals. Getting your team together for a goal-setting session is a great way to get everyone on your team to work together.
  • Set up accountability partners. It’s much easier to stay on track with goals when you have a partner to help hold you accountable. An easy way to build team unity is to pair up team members who have similar goals so they can work together.
  • Have your team develop goals for the entire group. Setting goals for the entire group is another great way to foster team unity. Whether the goal is to have everyone on your team be able to attend the next incentive trip, or to have everyone reach a certain rank by a certain time, a common goal for the group will give your team members something to work toward together.

When you build a unified team that is committed to supporting each other and is working toward common goals, you’ll have a much stronger team and be in a better position to earn points in the Leadership Pool!

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