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Congratulations to the Top 3 Winners of 2018 IsaBody Challenge Season 1

When you think of a total-body transformation challenge, you might automatically think of weight loss. While reaching a weight goal or toning your body with lean muscle is never a bad idea, when it comes to health, what matters is the overall mind, body, and lifestyle transformation. Combining these aspects is what sets the IsaBody Challenge® apart.

The IsaBody Challenge is a 16-week transformative challenge that encourages its participants to transform physically and mentally. Participants have access to tools that help them on their journey, a Facebook group that offers immense support, and products that provide optimal nutrition and motivation. 

Overcoming hardships is something that many IsaBody™ participants work through, but having the IsaBody Challenge® as a tool to fall back on has helped dozens and dozens of participants find their light at the end of the tunnel. From tragedy to triumph, these three amazing IsaBody winners transformed their bodies while continuing to amaze and inspire others.




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What’s Your 30-Day Vision?


30 Days to a Healthier You With an Isagenix System

With a new year comes new goals, resolutions, and aspirations. For many, this involves making lasting, inspiring changes to their health. This year, it is no different. At Isagenix, we continue to recognize the desires of those ready to fully commit to their health and wellness, and we want to ensure we continue to provide the necessary tools to achieve the best version of you that is possible.

It All Starts With a Cleanse

When it comes to trying new things, getting started is the hardest part. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Isagenix has made it simple for you to achieve the healthiest version of you with our 30-Day System. The system is a ground-breaking path to healthy weight loss and is designed to gently rid the body of potentially harmful impurities. The products in the 30-Day System are infused with essential vitamins, botanicals, and other premium ingredients to help shed pounds naturally without the use of laxatives, stimulants, or diuretics. Cleansing is a key component to most Isagenix Systems and is a healthy way of getting rid of the harmful impurities and toxins the body naturally consumes.

Q: Why should I cleanse?

A: Cleanse Days help kick-start your body’s own detoxification systems. Isagenix Cleanse for Life® is specially formulated to provide your body with nourishing support as your body’s systems detoxify.

Learn more about the Cleanse Day.

Premium Nutrition With Maximum Value

You may notice after starting a 30-Day System that your waist and wallet will be saying thank you! While weight loss is typically an end result of most cleanses, it comes as no surprise that your wallet will also be reaping the benefits of you releasing a little extra weight too. This is primarily a result of the premium nutrition provided with an Isagenix System. Replace the money you would spend on those unhealthy cravings with the nutritional benefits of an Isagenix 30-Day System. Satisfy and nourish your body using the combined product selections offered in our 30-Day System. It becomes simpler to achieve and maintain those lasting weight-loss results because you will see your body begin to:

  • Build and maintain lean muscle
  • Increase metabolism for safe and effective weight-loss
  • Gently rid the body of impurities while increasing energy levels

As with any new endeavor or challenge, support is key, which is why surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is essential when you are looking to begin a 30-Day System. Isagenix believes in the power of teamwork, because teamwork is rooted in accountability. Research has proven that health boost trends are directly affected by those who encourage you in positive ways. When you find support, success is bound to follow. Choose an Isagenix System that tailors to your needs and get ready to transform your body! By doing so, you may be inspired to join the IsaBody Challenge®, which is another opportunity for encouragement, accountability, and total-body transformation.

This 16-week challenge is designed to help you reach your health goals by transforming your body and transforming your life. You’ll compete for over RM32,000 in cash and prizes. And the best part? You’ll receive a $200 product certificate just for completing the Challenge. The IsaBody Challenge community is an ideal atmosphere for those beginning a 30-Day System. The positivity that will surround you is infectious – you won’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity. Success is bred by constant support. Choose your system, choose your team, and crush those health goals.

Transform your body and transform your life today, and encourage others to take part as well! Build a team rooted in accountability, encourage each other, and make Isagenix a part of your new year. Let us be a part of the journey to a new YOU. Visit your Back Office to place your 30-Day System order today!


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