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2016 Asia Convention 1 Highlights: Associate Recognition, IsaBody Challenge Winners, New Business Launch Tools & More!

Hundreds of Isagenix Associates recently joined together at the first-ever Asia Convention 1 in Singapore to experience exclusive training from top local and international leaders, exciting new market promotions, live entertainment, on-stage recognition, and the unveiling of our innovative new products!



Here are the highlights from this year’s sold-out event:

Luna PangAsia Contribution Award:  Award recipient Luna Pang, Isagenix Millionaire (pictured right), received the award for her passion, dedication, and leading by example.

Associate Success Stories: Top leader, Suzie Tan, shared their “why” and the reason they love Isagenix.

New Business Launch Tools: Event attendees had the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest Isagenix business launch tools including the new IsaOrder™ Mobile App, a convenient product payment option, the first-edition of the IsaBody Challenge Look Book, the new 90-Day Action Plan and more.

IsaBodyStageShot2016 IsaBody Challenge Winners: Attendees were introduced to the 2016 IsaBody Challenge finalists. Check out our winners and learn how you could be next!

SuperHerosNew Product Line Launch: Our innovative new products for Asia, including brand new flavor Strawberry Cream IsaShake, were officially unveiled during the event. The event store was a buzz with Associates excited to purchase and try the new products. For those who were unable to attend, products can be purchased online as they become available in your market. Stay tuned to IsaFYI for more details!

16-6010INT-IsaRally-SocialMediaPosts-V1-030216-Week3IsaRally to 2016 Global Celebration: The IsaRally Race is on! Build your business and win your way to 2016 Global Convention. Top teams will earn the trip and more. Check out the contest details and get ready to GO!

STARTSTART Ignites in Asia: START is ready to roll out in Asia, beginning with Southeast Asia. Will you be our very first START 1000 leader? Join Isagenix program founder Erik Coover and hundreds of START members in this transformational movement!

Where will Asia Convention II take place and will you be there? Get ready to propel your business to exciting new heights in 2017!

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Asia Convention 1: Associate Success Stories

IMG_4484Suzie Tan – 5 Star Golden Circle & 4 Star Crystal Executive

“I fall in love with the industry, Do it right and One’s dream will come true.”

Suzie who has more than 30 years’ experience in the health & beauty industry recognizes a great business plan when she sees one. Suzie loves how Isagenix provides her with both physical and financial opportunities. One thing that attracted Suzie the most is Isagenix products are scientifically proven and after experiencing the unique product results, Suzie knew Isagenix is for her. Since then she began building her Isagenix business and sharing the business opportunity for financial freedom and optimum physical health with her customers.

Besides that, she loves the fact that having a team of people working together towards a common goal that is to provide solutions to transform lives. With the effort and contribution from each and every team member, everyone get paid at the end of the day by helping others. “This is the right industry and company for me”, she says.

Suzie holds firm to the principle that one needs to fall in love with the industry and do it right so that one’s dreams will come true. Currently, Suzie builds her business by following the system and using the tools. “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You will be successful by just following the system”, says Suzie.

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START Ignites in Asia at 2016 Asia Convention 1

Accompanied by hundreds of attendees at the sold-out Asia Convention 1, Steve Foxwell, Australia Regional Sales Manager, officially launched START in Asia sharing a video message from the START Founder himself, Erik Coover.

START is a youth movement that is transforming lives around the world. Its vision is to ignite all young people to own their lives physically and financially, and through their contributions create freedom and a lasting legacy. Now, the program is rolling out in Asia, beginning in South East Asia.

START-AsiaBecome the First START 1000 Member in Asia!

As Erik mentioned in his video message to attendees, one of the goals at Isagenix is to help people earn life-changing incomes. He shared his goal of developing 1,000 six-figure income earners, calling for all Asia Isagenix members 18-35 years to join the START movement and become START 1000 leaders.

START 1000 celebrates members who have reached the rank of 3-Star Golden Circle—a rank that, if maintained, means they have the opportunity to earn a six-figure annual income with Isagenix.* Their success is fueled by a passion for our products, dedication to helping others reach their goals, and commitment to Isagenix and our values. Check out START 1000 leaders across the world on

Will you be our very first START 1000 member in South East Asia?

Successful START Leaders Share Their Stories

Two inspirational START leaders, Jackson P., START Ambassador, 8-Star Platinum and Isagenix Millionaire and Philip L., START 1000, 3-Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive, joined Steve on stage at Asia Convention 1 to share their stories.


Jackson has been involved with Isagenix since 2013. Before Isagenix he was a packer in a warehouse and worked as a personal trainer on the side. Having no prior network marketing experience, he was the fastest to ever max out a business center under the age of 30.

Philip began his network marketing journey at the age of 18. He joined Isagenix in 2015 and rank advanced to Crystal Executive, 3 Star Golden Circle in just one week. Philip has been featured in multiple industry publications and websites. He is a passionate ambassador for network marketing with a personal goal to retire himself before the age of 30.

Are You Ready to Start Your Life?

START is looking for people determined to live in abundance and total well-being, and its goal is to create freedom and a lasting legacy. It’s about young people leading extraordinary lives.

To be a START member you just have to meet the following requirements:

  • Between 18 and 35 years of age
  • 3-Golden Circle Star or above
  • Passionate
  • Inspiring
  • Free spirited
  • Entrepreneur
  • Ethical

Join our community, and learn how to take ownership of your life, your health, your dreams, and your contributions!

It’s time to start your life!

*Earning levels for Isagenix Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at

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Celebrating IsaBody Challenge Winners at 2016 Asia Convention 1

IsaBody Logo Color-black“We believe that transformations are for everybody. Together, we inspire, we support, we reward, and we exceed our goals. We challenge you to embrace your full potential. Transform your body. Transform your life.”

The IsaBody Challenge® mission statement holds true as we celebrate incredible transformations at Isagenix!

Introducing Your 2016 Finalists

Event attendees at the sold-out Asia Convention 1, had the opportunity to meet the five 2016 IsaBody Finalists as they joined Associates Luna Pang and Marcus Teo on stage.

  • From Hong Kong, 52 years young Lam Wai Sing released 10 kgs and 7 percent body fat.
  • Our next finalist is Kevin Chiak from Singapore. At 50 years young, he lost 7.9 kgs.
  • Third IsaBody finalist, 36 year old BH Tan from KL, said goodbye to 20 kgs and 12 percent body fat and said hello to 10 kgs of lean muscle.
  • Our next finalist, 56 years young Lai Thi Nhai from Bac Ninh Province, lost total of 4.8 kgs.
  • Last but not least, for this finalist it was not about loss, but about the gains. At 34 years young, Louis Santoso from Surabaya, gained 4.5 kgs of lean muscle and lost nine percent body fat.

Fellow Associates listened and watched intently as the finalists took turns sharing their journeys, talking about the obstacles and struggles they had along the way, and showing off their transformations.


Are You Up for the Challenge?

Are you ready to push your body and mind so you can reap the benefits of transforming your life? By joining the Challenge, you give yourself the opportunity to gain energy, confidence, strength, and optimal health.

The 16-week transformation challenge rewards you with encouragement, support, and incredible incentives to help you reach your goals. During these weeks, you commit to taking ownership of your body, your nutrition, your health, and your life. This is the opportunity to prove to yourself and everyone around you that you have the strength, dedication, and willpower to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Plus, the IsaBody Challenge community is there to support you all the way!

Everyone who completes the IsaBody Challenge also has the chance to win their share of cash, prizes, and trips! See for official rules and more information.

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Launch Tools in the Spotlight: IsaOrder App & IsaBody Look Book

Event attendees at the sold-out Asia Convention 1, had the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest Isagenix launch tools including the new IsaOrder™ Mobile App, a convenient product payment option, the first-edition of the IsaBody Challenge Look Book, and more.

International Marketing Manager Ashley Brown introduced the new tools available to all Asia Associates and the importance of using them consistently. Overall, the new launch tools help us stay compliant and are best for duplication. Learn more and use these handy tools to build your business!

lookbookIsaBody Challenge Look Book Shares Amazing Transformation Stories

The IsaBody Challenge® is about improving your life, gaining the energy to live your life to the fullest, and empowering yourself to reach your health and fitness goals.

Now you can share the best IsaBody Challenge success stories, with dynamic “before” and “after” photos. Perfect for group gatherings and one-on-one meetings, the IsaBody™ Look Book will be one of the most powerful recruiting tools in your tool box!

The Look Book is the perfect way to share the IsaBody opportunity by showing your prospects the results of Associates from a variety of backgrounds who have worked hard to achieve their goals.

Associates at the 2016 Asia Convention 1 received a copy of the new Look Book. Stay tuned to to learn how you can get your copy.

Ordering Products is Now Easier Than Ever with IsaOrder App

IT Customer Experience Supervisor Krista Bench, introduced the new IsaOrder™ mobile app now available in Asia.


IsaOrder is the latest, greatest, and easiest app for ordering products directly from your smartphone, and it’s now available for Asia on both iPhone and Android in App Store or Google Play.

With the app you can access your Back Office to:

  • Place wholesale orders
  • Manage your Autoship
  • View your order status

IsaOrder joins IsaPulse™, a mobile app that sends you real-time notifications about your team’s progress. Use IsaOrder to manage your personal orders and IsaPulse to monitor your team. Use these Isagenix Mobile Solutions together to help build your business and never miss a moment when you’re on the run. Be sure to download IsaOrder today!

<insert live presenter photo of Krista Bench>

Easy Payment Option Now Available with Autoship & Assurance Orders

By setting up an Assurance or Autoship order, you ensure that you’ll receive the lowest possible prices on Isagenix products, and are eligible to earn commissions and referral bonuses from sharing these products with others. As you can see, it pays to be on Assurance or Autoship!

Now, when you are setting up an Assurance or Autoship in IsaOrder, you can also select Member Electronic Transfer System (METS) as an easy and convenient payment method.

Please note the following guidelines if you are going to select METS:

  • Only electronic transfers from your online banking service are supported, not wire or ACH.
  • Payment must be received (using the account number provided on your invoice or in your payment reminder email) on or before seven (7) consecutive days from the Assurance or Autoship date. If payment is not received, Assurance or Autoship will be cancelled automatically and you will be unable to take advantage of the Isagenix benefits such as accumulating business volume or participation in our current contests or promotions.
  • Any changes or cancellations of the Assurance or Autoship must be submitted at least five (5) days before the normal processing date or they cannot be cancelled until the following month.
  • Payments made after to 2 p.m. local time will be included in the next IsaNet bank file. Regular shipping rules and timing still apply, generally arriving 2-4 days from the day the payment processes.
  • Enrollment, bonuses and rank advancements are valid only after payment is received (not when your order is placed). If you select METS as your payment method, be sure to factor in the time for your transfer in order not to miss the commission week.
  • If you are using METS for Autoship, be sure to change your Autoship date to a few days earlier, otherwise you may become inactive since it takes additional time to complete the transfer.

If you have any questions, please call your Customer Care Department.

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The Coovers Are Back From Asia, With Pictures!

After more than two weeks of traveling to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan, Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover are back in the U.S.

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Thousands of Associates traveled to Isagenix events held in Southeast Asia to meet them and learn how to build a successful business.

Onstage, Jim launched Asia’s first-ever Crystal Reset and encouraged everyone to participate in the Super Rally contest while Kathy shared her steps to success. Offstage, the two enjoyed interacting with local Associates, catching up with Isagenix employees, and experiencing the culture.

“The opportunity to travel to Asia and share our passion for Isagenix and the products was an unforgettable experience,” shares Kathy. “Jim and I are excited to see our international markets grow and impact even more lives across the world.”

With so many Associates participating in the region’s largest promotion, the race to Convention is on! Join Isagenix and your international team March 19-20, 2016 at the Resorts World™ Sentosa Convention Centre in Singapore to celebrate and recognize everyone’s success.

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